Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts
My Memoirs of David Reilly

In Brian Paone's first novel, he chronicles the trials and tribulations of befriending a modern-day rock star. As a die-hard fan of the rock band God Lives Underwater, Brian wins the trust of lead singer David Reilly. This honor comes with its own set of extreme personal highs and devastating shared lows.

During their tumultuous friendship, David fights an extreme battle with drug abuse and depression. Pile on top of all this the throes of a cutthroat music industry and the realization of one’s own mortality.

Dreams Are Unfinished Thoughts is a novel that convinces the heart of every reader that perhaps dreams are never really finished. Instead, they are passed on from one friend to the next.

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Customer Reviews

I can honestly say I have never actually picked up a book before, and read it in four hours. But this book has done it. I spent hours reading and just getting more and more interested in the amazing story. I can honestly say this is one of my favorite books and I would recommend it to anyone, who is a fan of friendship worries, or someone who just wants a great read.
I loved this book. Your narrative is so terse and brave; I couldn’t help but appreciate its honesty. Life is made up of small and peculiar moments that puzzle together perfectly, and you achieved that. This is my favorite book of the year. This is an engaging story about a friendship that could have just easily never transpired. Goosebumps, laughter, sadness... despite its very personal feel... it was epic in its courage, detail, and love. Congratulations on a tremendous first book.
This is a book I could not put down. As someone who has friends in the music industry, I can tell you that from the fan’s perspective, Brian’s book is as close to the ‘real thing’ as you’re going to get. Far past where you are a fan and become a friend, the music part almost becomes secondary to the person producing it. Brian’s book is a MUST HAVE for not only [music] fans but also the process a fan only dreams about - from becoming a fan to becoming truly part of that musicians’ life.
You get to see the human side of [a] rockstar...
Dreams are Unfinished Thoughts, is a powerful and thoughtful collection of vivid memories detailing every moment of a life changing friendship. The range and intensity of the memories, from silly to mournful, keep the reader fully ensconced in the story until the very end. It is a compelling story definitely worth reading.
This is probably one of the most touching stories between two men that I have read in a long time...
What a wonderful behind-the-scenes memoir about David Reilly, yet such a bittersweet tale. After getting clean more than once, his label going bankrupt, losing Seven, dealing with all the other downsides to the music industry and life, to have David die from his ulcer seems so unfair. But I think you have one line that sums everything up so well: “Even knowing how this ended, I would do it all again. I would never trade all those hours and days we spent together even if I knew you [David] were leaving and going home to Heaven.” Such is our human condition. And I loved all the goose-bump moments when David communicated with his family and friends after his death. Such a sad loss to endure. And he was only thirty-four. Best wishes with your book.